While losing communication with friends and family is not a pleasurable experience...losing touch with reality is far worse in my estimation.

I would rather at this point encircle myself with a very small cadre of people of sound mind, than a bunch of television infested intellectual dwarfs...regardless of cost. The issue. Locating that cadre locally. I cannot in my neighborhood even find a Tonto at this stage.

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If you order a pack of the critical thinking playing cards you find even there the examples they use to describe cognitive errors are rife with biases. It's worth noting in this context that the best description so far of how we got to this state is found in Mattias Desmet's Psychology of Totalitarianism. He lays a firm historical groundwork to explain how we've been conditioned for decades in a particular ideological mindset that made it easy for them to roll out the Covid psy-op.

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Dec 28, 2022Liked by Cube Cubis

Brilliant! Thank you!

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I have tired of hearing Kirschs endless debate challenges; all they tell me is he is made of money, I guess. The money confounds the problem, IMO. Thanks for your take CC.

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Thank you for this article. I really liked this analysis and I think it´s very accurate. You made great connection between theoretical assumptions (smart people should be intelligent and understand facts) and real world experience (we trust science and institutions).

This has reminded me my favorite book which I read before - it was called "Freak-economics" and explained how government incentives for better grades produces totally different outcome in real world (teachers helped students to cheat, so they passed more easily).

In current situation I have stumbled on few resources, which I think explain what we are experiencing. I am not sure, if everything is exactly correct but basically I think about this main points:

Government and public services become occupied by stupid and low-IQ people. This is due to effect of increasing population, reduced natural selection effect and aging population. We have more stupid people in population and they voting for their favorite candidate. In past it has been necessary to show some skills to gain leading position. In current system it´s not like that anymore - due to online networks, post voting and remote communication.

Academia and schools become increasingly more politicized and do not produce anything related to science and inventions. The latest invention of academia - LGBT, woke and other gender studies are direct result of feminization of academia and also by left ideology. Left ideology is now mostly academia, education, public workers and office workers (white collar). It benefits both sides: Education -> academia -> public sector | corporation -> politics or office job

This has been enabled and amplified by collaboration of academia, public service agencies, big tech, financial institutions and corporations which mostly recruit people from this sectors.

The biggest shift happened also with invention of social networks and spread of smartphones. Many middle-IQ people got access to incredible amount of information and started to feel, that they understand everything just because they can find it online. There is no need for proper education you can just look-it up in real time. This lead also to use of Twitter, Facebook and other tools for political purposes and politicization of everything. They don´t understand the technology but just using it.

Since 2014 / 15 and raise of Donald Trump the real war begun and they started to push everything they had to destroy and take over the system. The 2008 crash of banks and state intervention via QE and suppression of interest rates also helped with this.

In conclusion, this whole has been allowed by surplus from past times and allowance of corruption to spread. The parents or people who should watch the quality has been overrided by people who promised quick gains and profits. Outsourcing, financialization, cryptocurrency and start-ups. So now we are stuck with system, where most of functions are compromised and not producing anything. Most of people know that they don´t have skills and they try to fight for their position even in expense of laying, corruption and be-trail. So it´s basically civil war - not war between states but inner state between ruling class which is stupid and worthless but got the power by trick or corruption.

In my opinion, the way out of this is enabling controlling mechanisms to function. Investigation, auditing, ruling what is true and what is false and institutionalization again function of anti-fraud and anti-corruption rules.

There are links for the resources - they are not complete but most of the writing I found very insightful.

- https://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/what-its-really-about/

- https://thecritic.co.uk/did-women-in-academia-cause-wokeness/

- https://neociceroniantimes.substack.com/p/ideology-and-time-preference

- https://internationalman.com/articles/when-idiocy-becomes-hardwired/

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Cube I have to give it to you that is excellent. You are so spot on. I have a client that is a major drug developer. He was actually telling me oh there is so many trials behind the vax and it is going to save so many lives and you should "see" all the successful studies and efficacy and I literally said could you send them to me I would like to see them. He said every news station has them and you can see it for yourself. I said no every news station does not have anything other than a bunch of words on paper but no hard data. He literally told me I had no idea what I was talking about. Sad an "intelligent" person who for every drug he has developed he had to have hard data and jumped through so many very defined hoops and trials and yet here he believed a story without any of the had data he was required to have for years. Sad is all I can say. This was all in January 2021. By that time I had done so much research into mRNA I had do many warning flags I just was amazed that anyone could take anything being said seriously.

Thanks again for this and as much as I really believe Mr Kirsch really is trying to do the "correct" thing I believe he has become so engrossed sadly the trees and the forrest are blended into one.


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Another overpowering factor is that so many in the medical profession are doing very well financially with the pro vax narrative. Disagree with the narrative and that income stream disappears as you have been removed from the supporter list. That tends to make the stoic attitude very strong: Believe the truth, trust the science, ad infinitum.

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I agree the appeal to a debate is futile. I have been relentless with trying to get VSRF or ICAN to address the proven nano-tech in the bioweapon. It's insane, the censored are now censoring the truth. Just amazing. Honestly, the only fighting to be done is in the spirit, yet way too many freedom fighters and truth seekers are fighting blind... however, they are the low hanging fruit of the Great Harvest. What's not to Believe? https://peter70x7.substack.com/p/whats-not-to-believe

As for the NFL, I addressed them (and all men) on 11/17/2022...shouting in the wilderness.


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Excellent post. Thanks.

This too needs to blasted out & as far & wide as possible. Please.

The smoke & mirror?. Well this one smashed the mirror & blew away the smoke completely. https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/discussion-with-sam-dube-and-lara

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Interesting thoughts for new battle tactics.

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You want ridicule? Watch POD PEOPLE BARBECUE. Origin of mask-wearing zombies revealed in song!


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Pride.. is it still a deadly sin?...

Debate.... I can't hear it over the shouting.

Irreversible decisions... Poison yourself AND your children THEN admit it?

Instincts, intuition? Maybe you're born with them. I'll take intuition and instincts over IQ.

Natural human pattern recognition? Don't computers do that for us now?

Basic biology understood by being alive

Fear of taking responsibility.

Fast thinking vs slow thinking. Who has time to do either these days?

A population that has been poisoned by medicine and education for hundreds of years.

The words we use contain paradox... That's ORIGINal. We rarely understand each other on a good day.

IQ is only one measure. Are only people who think they are smart and want to know how smart they are, and insane people make up the majority of this limited intelligence ranking test? Not real smart if you're dead.

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"mid wits think that they understand the “science” and that they are at the cutting edge of knowledge "


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Very good explanations, I have encountered examples of the described situations myself. Bravo!

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You fleshed out this quote perfectly, “Arguing with an idiot (a lefty) is like playing chess with a pigeon. It'll just knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and strut about like it's won anyway.”


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Frankly, I don't think it's a matter of IQ. There are plenty of low IQ people who don't take the vax and high IQ people who do take it. Not discriminating on IQ has led me to have some great friends over the years - maybe they weren't the smartest people but they don't have to be.

There's something that confidence men and women know instinctively which triggers the mark to believe. Does the name Pavlov ring a bell? We know fear and benefit play a part - the carrot and the stick. But they know instinctively exactly where to target and trigger the mark.

If I had millions of dollars my plan would have a think tank of psychologists and reformed con people, working together to guide and target the wake-up call. I'm sure the enemy has dozens of these.

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